Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I'm Everywhere, except on my site

Unfortunately, we're at the point where it's getting near the time to make decisions about the future of TBF-I just don't have a whole lot of thoughts worth writing that don't fit on SportsHub, FD, or MVN, and the thought of putting the energy back into writing stuff good enough to get on TrueHoop so that I could build up enough of an audience to allow my random thoughts to be seen is a sketchy one. If you're reading this, you probably know me personally. However, it's only takes about five minutes to put up links to the last things I've written, so I'll do that.

New FreeDarko

New SportsHub

It's nice to have a site in your college's colors that people come to to read only your writing, and I love the title "Truth In A Bullet Fedora." It's nice to be able to post anything at anytime and have a self-selected audience. However, it's also really nice to work for a site with thousands of daily hits and another one with a boss with actual media connections, and I have to decide which is easier. This site will probably just become links to stuff with about a paragraph extra, which is what it's been for a while now. I'm still working hard, so hopefully you'll continue to read me here and elsewhere.