Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Huzzah! More Crap!

-Most importantly, New FreeDarko up. Enjoy.

-Also, here's a SportsHubLA post I was too lazy to link to when it got published. It's an unremarkable game recap, except that I was able to sneak in a link to a clip from Clone High. I believe that this is the pinnacle of my brief career.

-Quick notes: Kelly Dwyer isn't at Yahoo! anymore? What the fuck? He could not have been doing a better job for them-he was posting constantly, providing great analysis (I think KD watches more basketball than anyone on the planet), and was routinely hilarious, particularly with his "shocking dialogues," which were to NBA junkies what an Apatow script is to pop-culture junkies. Hopefully he's working on a book or something.

-Also, read this post and this post by Shoals, especially regarding his name. My boss is awesome. Oh, and while you're on FreeDarko, check out Ziller's graphs. They're awesome.

-Oh, and here's an MVN post.

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