Sunday, August 19, 2007

We Interrupt This Blog With My Life

Well, I only started this blog a couple of weeks ago, but I've already become attached to it; it feels great having my own corner of the internet, and seeing that little link on TrueHoop a few weeks back was definitely one of the coolest feelings I've ever had-thank you so much for making that possible for me. Basically, I'm loving this, and am committed to making this blog a great place to read quality sports analysis on a regular basis. (By the way: how does everyone feel about the new name and look of the blog? Leave your comments.)

However, posts may become sparse in the next couple of weeks, because on Tuesday, I'm going to start college. I am both excited and terrified to go to USC and meet a few thousand new people for a number of reasons, but let's get to the important question: what will college mean for the blog?

  • Until I get "settled in," I'm not going to feel comfortable holing up in my room for a few hours and firing out an essay on Kevin Garnett, because I'll feel like too much of a loser. Hence, there will be a downturn in posts for a little bit.
  • However, once I do get comfortable, my room pretty much has a fridge, a microwave, a little TV, and my computer. That means I'll be watching a lot of sports and hopefully drumming out a few posts a week.
  • I'll be at the center of the college sports universe; hence, expect some posts about USC football, SC basketball, and specifically O.J. Mayo.
So that's it for now, and maybe for a little bit; wish me luck in this new chapter of my life, and thanks again for reading!


1 comment:

jjc58 said...

Weak. You're not spening your time on RCF, which of course, WILL get you laid (ask Pip).

You're Krolik, man. Tell the dudes you meet that Truehoop linked you and you've got instant street-cred.

Just remember, blogging is a respectable pasttime. It's not like you'd be in your room playing D and D--or downloading porn for that matter--you're a semi-respected member of the media.