Thursday, October 11, 2007

Who doesn't love a link dump at 2 in the morning?

I got an email today from the fine people at, which told me that they were fans of my site and asked me politely for a link dump, which of course I have too much journalistic integrity to give them. They're a fantasy basketball site, and browsing around there, it looks like they've really got their poop figured out. Seriously, they've got scatter plots and everything, and it looks like they might be on to some cool stuff over there.

I'm not a big roto basketball guy; I'm getting back into the game in an MVN league for the first time in a few years this year, and I plan to pick LeBron first, get Baron Davis and Stephen Jackson at all costs, and ultimately lose. But if you're a daily reader of this site, not only do you rule, you're probably pretty obsessed with sports, which means you play fantasy. So if you do, hop over to their site, because they have put in a lot of hard work to analyze fake basketball, which makes my time spent analyzing real basketball seem meaningful. Also, did I mention that they took the time to email me and say nice things about my site? That means they're awesome. Go there now, especially if you're still awake right now.

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